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MSN hates me

the subject says it all.. MSN REALLY hates me today.


On that note I'd like to give a huuuuge hug and kiss to shineyquarter who put up with me disapearing all day long. And a big smooch to Brandi too for the same *hugs you both*

You two keep me sane I swear.


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14th Nov, 2002 10:55 (UTC)
*rolls eyes* Geez. All the crap we put up with just to talk to you!

*giggle* Just kidding!

You keep me sane. Seriously! ;-) Have a good day hon. And may MSN cooperate with you!
14th Nov, 2002 11:03 (UTC)
nawww.. MSN is like the borg...

resistance is futile.

*hugs* you have a good night hon
14th Nov, 2002 11:03 (UTC)
Awww... sweetie. I will put up with lots of stuff to talk to you.

You keep me sane as well. *hugs and kisses*
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