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before I go go....

Ok the story..

This sunday I basically cried "fuck it" and mooched around a friends, there we did nothing in particular... it was great!

Anyhow.. I was hungry and the local (VERY local) Dominos Pizza was doing a special offer on carry out. So I called up and then went off to pick it up, its about 3 mins walk away frrm my mates (he's near the high street).

On my way there I'm walking along, in my big black coat. Now I'm not the most smiley person, I don't like my smile.. I think it looks like a grimace. But anyhow.. its dark, a bit wet, and I'm hungry.. so I prolly looked.. well not happy.

This girl comes up to me, prolly about 25, and a little drunk. She smiles at me as says.

"Smile man, its a sunday."

Then carries on walking. I confess that I broke out in a big grin, and I felt a lot happier. Its strange the effect a strangers words can have, but I felt in good cheer the whole night.

So I say to you... be nice to a stanger. You'll be surprised what effect you'll have.

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