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before I go go....

Ok the story..

This sunday I basically cried "fuck it" and mooched around a friends, there we did nothing in particular... it was great!

Anyhow.. I was hungry and the local (VERY local) Dominos Pizza was doing a special offer on carry out. So I called up and then went off to pick it up, its about 3 mins walk away frrm my mates (he's near the high street).

On my way there I'm walking along, in my big black coat. Now I'm not the most smiley person, I don't like my smile.. I think it looks like a grimace. But anyhow.. its dark, a bit wet, and I'm hungry.. so I prolly looked.. well not happy.

This girl comes up to me, prolly about 25, and a little drunk. She smiles at me as says.

"Smile man, its a sunday."

Then carries on walking. I confess that I broke out in a big grin, and I felt a lot happier. Its strange the effect a strangers words can have, but I felt in good cheer the whole night.

So I say to you... be nice to a stanger. You'll be surprised what effect you'll have.


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11th Nov, 2002 14:48 (UTC)
Hence I smile at everyone but then I can't help it. :D
12th Nov, 2002 01:49 (UTC)
You should smile when you feel like it. Not for the benefit of strangers or for the simple realisation that you're a miserable bastard.
A false smile is far far worse than a normal smile. Maybe you just never looked in the mirror when you actually smiled properly, I don't know.
12th Nov, 2002 05:01 (UTC)
You missed my point completely.

It was the simple and elegant point shared by the girl that made me smile. Thats what the grin was for. The personal contact, however brief, that lightened my day.
12th Nov, 2002 06:54 (UTC)
Ah, yes, wrong context :S
/me si teh dolt
12th Nov, 2002 04:36 (UTC)
Nice. A smile can do so much for another person, for a stranger, and for a friend.
12th Nov, 2002 05:02 (UTC)
yes. I don't think I quite realised that until that moment.
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