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take free enneagram test

the breakdown you get in addition to this is quite interesting.

Also the mean score and its significance is interesting. I scored almost exactly 5 (5.02) so I'm a perfect 5 almost... interesting.

See? Interesting :D

At work this morning... yay.. was supposed to be going out tonight in London. Dunno if I'll be out that long. :(


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1st Nov, 2002 04:53 (UTC)
Hmm...yes...interesting ;P

I had 5.25. I suxx0r.
1st Nov, 2002 07:06 (UTC)
I was a five too... I always knew I was pretty much middle of the road. I actually got 5.2 but I am more likely to be irrational than rational or at least I always thought so.

So does this score for you mean you are perfect?
1st Nov, 2002 16:59 (UTC)
not really no... just around a 5 :D
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