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ok.. so ebuyer sent me a damn AGP card... not a PCI one... balls.

I'm going to have to phone them tomorrow morning and sort is out.. damn it. I HATE it when companies screw up stuff like this. If it wasn't for the fact that they are one of the cheapest places around I'd prolly not use them again :(


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31st Oct, 2002 21:11 (UTC)
Inevitably this is what happens. I once had to send something back four times before the company got me the right thing. I wish you better luck with your stuff.
1st Nov, 2002 02:20 (UTC)
eek! Yes I wish me better luck too!
1st Nov, 2002 02:32 (UTC)
Well I've ordered just over 10 items from Ebuyer in recent months. They've all arrived, all perfectly what I wanted.

Are you 100% sure you ordered AGP? Because, there is a topic link to AGP only cards, and one to PCI cards. Also, the thing which you ordered might not have had much information with it. I personally hate products on Ebuyer that don't have product specifications.

Which one did you order anyway?
1st Nov, 2002 02:36 (UTC)
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