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Hmm well... last night I was up late (so no change there) and I could hear the wind blustering around outside..

"hmm.. breesey" I though..

er.. yeah... JUST A BIT

I finally got to sleep with my window open.. and awoke to find me, my bed, and my room... covered in leaves and bits of leaves.

Oh yay.. the camping life INDOORS!

Hmm so I decided to tidy my room up.. it needed it anyhow.. bit of an spring clean in autumn really.

Storm caused one hell of a mess. Fences broken, tree's down. Our house's hanging baskets thrown about the garden. Lots of mess....


27th Oct, 2002 15:32 (UTC)
hahahaha... you are exactly right about that.

I would keep running back out to yell some more. I am sure you would have laughed hysterically at me.
28th Oct, 2002 14:58 (UTC)
You're probably right... but in a good way ;)