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gnarrrgh.. braaaaaiiinnnss.

urgh... yet another crappy, fitful, and downright bad nights sleep. Bleh.

It was a long day yesturday. I had a food safety course all day for work, and then couldn't sleep in the evening. Now I have a long day today and it was an early morn to get here for work..


I HAVE to sort my sleeping patterns out, or at least work out why when I do sleep, its not very well...

I'm going to be the walking dead by tonight I swear..


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19th Oct, 2002 04:59 (UTC)
there's NOTHING worse than not sleeping well.
hang in there...
19th Oct, 2002 05:16 (UTC)
oh I will... may see if I can catch an hour's kip this afternoon... between jobs..


thanks for caring :)
19th Oct, 2002 11:48 (UTC)

You probably would get better sleep if you didn't stay up so late talking to me. ;)

Hope you get a chance for that nap.
19th Oct, 2002 16:47 (UTC)
Not your fault, I'm well versed in late nights. Well well WELL versed.

Got an hours nap, so... was better. I'll post up about the actual night in a lil while *quietly fumes*
19th Oct, 2002 12:31 (UTC)
That's awful that you had bad dreams. I did too. :-/

Get some rest, Greg! You NEED it! Quit staying up talking to Avionne. ;-)
19th Oct, 2002 16:46 (UTC)
hahaha.. its not Avi.. seriously. I'm well used to late nights. Its not the time of sleeping that's doing me in.. its the lack of quality.

And it wasn't bad dreams, just wwakefulness and shallow sleep. :(
19th Oct, 2002 16:27 (UTC)
Food Safety? what kind of work do you do again? not restaurant work is it?
19th Oct, 2002 16:48 (UTC)
No. I'm the Events Manager at a club... book bands, publicity, that sort of thang.

(dancing too btw ;) )

But we have a bar and, although I'm not directly reponsible for it, Alcohol is a food stuff. You can give someone food poisoning easier from a pint than a sandwich...
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