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I don't know why I ever sit down and watch Top Of The Pops these days. Not because the music is crap (though of cource some of it is). It's because my sister is often in the same room as me.

She constantly comments on the music and, usually, what she says is total crap. Or if I make a comment she has to dispute it, with comments like "oh yeah right." when I defend my point (or sometimes not even a point, just a repetition of an interview or similar) she responds with the customary "oh well you always have to be right."

Its getting funny. As much as its still very iritating, its getting funny. Example - Pink. She made a comment about that fact that Pink is now.. well.. no longer pink. I pointed out she was blonde for ages before she got the, now brown, new barnet. This was accepted. Then comes the gem.. "but that was the whole point of Pink.. she was pink." Thinking this to be a flipant remark I laughed and said.. "well no.. not quite the whole point.." to which I found my sister clinging to her theory - Pink was pink.. that was the point, now she was pointless. Already prepared for the "always right" rebuke I pointed out that Pink had been called Pink by her friends at school.. it was a nick name that had stuck AND then was used as a marketing tool later (gleamed from an interview with her I read recently). Oh no.. this whole thing was set in stone for my sister.. and about 10 seconds later.. "oh well you've proved my point about being always right" (as she traulled this up in an earlier 10 second conv:

TV Presenter - "One of the greatest and most groundbreaking songwriters of our time... Richard Ashcroft!"
Me - "Hmmm... greatest? most groundbreaking? That's debatable."
My sister - "In your opinon"
(btw.. its not that she likes him.. its that she wants to argue the point - she's like that)
Me - "er... yes. Sort of my point."
Her - "oh well of cource you always have to be right."

wtf.. its debatable! sure that MEANS its a point about opinion. ITS A POINT TO BE DEBATED.. Fucking dumb... rarghh.


You see the really funny thing about all of this is that I'd be inclined to take any musical critism from someone who actaully listened to music, had taste, and generally knew at least a little of what they were talking about.

That concept is basically The Anti-Sister. At least compared to mine. My sister grew up listening to Take That, New Kids on the Block, and now listens to garage and rnb.. mainly rnb. Now I like some RnB.. I really do. Some of it is good. Most of it is formulaic, and devoid of original content, but some of it is genuinly good. However unless its mainstream, or at least her friends all like it, it is not good music to my sister.

Now I don't like some music, but I can always see why someone else might (with the possible exception of Garage - also called Two Step in the US, and even that I can see why it works in clubs.. its booty music.). However she revels in her blantent ignorance of music and its forms

Of a punky/early stones guitar group - "its all just wailing with no words and with no tune or melody" - wrong on to many obvious points to even bother.
Of modern acts - "Everyone lipsyncs nowadays.. even the guitar bands. NO-ONE ever sings live, well except the Backstreet Boys." - do I need to bother with this one as well?

Now I listen to music from other countries.. I like Noir Desire (though I prolly spelled them wrong), Les Elles, and I LOVE Sigur Rós (not to mention Bjork, but then she sings in english). My sister won't listen if its not in english, says its gibberish or junk. She won't watch subtitled films either.

God I need to get out of here.


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18th Oct, 2002 13:28 (UTC)
How is it possible that you two both came from the same parents. I am dying with laughter.

*runs off to hide from the stupidity*
18th Oct, 2002 16:37 (UTC)
lol thanks..

Sometimes I really think I must be adopted from this family... but its not true.

Thanks for your comments (and you two Brandi)

my two darlin's ;)
18th Oct, 2002 13:51 (UTC)
Your sister sounds mean! :-P

I'm with Avi... how did you come from the same parents?

Heh. Get away for the weekend. Seperation is best!
18th Oct, 2002 16:42 (UTC)
God I need to. But where? With who?

18th Oct, 2002 17:07 (UTC)
Um, me?
18th Oct, 2002 17:34 (UTC)
for the weekend? Too far away hon.. if I COULD (ie had the money) I would *hugs*
18th Oct, 2002 17:36 (UTC)
Who said anything about just the weekend. ;)
19th Oct, 2002 02:00 (UTC)
haha.. either way to expensive hon.

As much as I'd like to..
19th Oct, 2002 22:11 (UTC)
*laughs* oh dear!

I'm suddenly very appreciative of the fact that my sister's 2 favourite bands are the Smashing Pumpkins & Tool ;)
20th Oct, 2002 15:53 (UTC)
you lucky lucky thing.
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