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"Could you make it on your own...."

Something someone said to me earler made me think...

I'm scared of being lonely... althouhg maybe scared is the wrong word.
Certainly companionship, both physically and emotionally, is something I crave.. and don't get much of.
This is probably where my fears about my ex are rooted...

But Aaaaaaanyway.. I promiced you all a look at the Kevin Smith wonder bonansa I got the other day.. and I try to live up to my promices... soo...

The envelope each set of frames and certificate comes in..

The Clerks frames.. yes 16mm film is THAT small, 16mm really, but its still a surprise.

Look! Its Joey and Ben!.. omg that sounds like a kids show.

Close ups of the actual frames from both flics... size comparisons correct

Sorry about the quality of the frames images, they don't scan too well from card in a regular scanner. I've photoshoped them a bit to improve the quality. Trust me, they were much worse. As you can see Messer Smith has developed the streamlined signature of all ppl who get bored with signing stuff.. and he sorta went slightly off the card on the Clerks one. heh.

Hope you enjoy them as much as I do.. *stroke stroke*

That's stroking THE FRAMES you sick sick ppl! I KNOW some of you thought that...

Also In Other News:

My neighbour (Barry) has got a new car.. this car is one of the coolest I've seen. Its the road version of the Subaru Rally Car (WKV I think... someone correct me?). Its one of only 300 that will ever be in the uk. It look soooooo nice. *drools*
And its parked next door! I WILL get a photo of it for you all :)

I'm reading Micheal J Fox's autobiograhy "Lucky Man" atm. Its very very good. Not only is he one of my favourite north american actors (canadian to be exact) he's a witty writer too. I recomend anyone to read it. I'm only a third of the way through, but I'm enjoying every second.


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13th Oct, 2002 17:32 (UTC)
ahhhhhhhhhhhhh.....*bows down* you are worshipped!!!!
13th Oct, 2002 18:15 (UTC)
hahaha thanks hon ;)

13th Oct, 2002 18:46 (UTC)

*dances around you*

I am so jealous.
13th Oct, 2002 19:00 (UTC)
*Dances with you*
18th Oct, 2002 11:03 (UTC)
I'm scared of being lonely...

Curb your own fears and make your peace from within. Then, and only then, your heart will open, and all the wonders of this world will be bared before your eyes.
18th Oct, 2002 11:14 (UTC)
Wise words.

It is, however, easier to curb your fears when there is no place for them.

And when you know where that other place is.
18th Oct, 2002 11:54 (UTC)
You see the truth. I hear you. Your peace is within you. That is your other place.
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