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Shamelessly stolen from metaline (who stole it herself) The Google "Who is" test :)

DarkCryst is the top ten!

*chuckles* having an unique internet nick can be funny sometime, as well as useful (I NEVER have to put something else as my nick).

as for my REAL name...

**************Google Frollics **************
Tried my first name first.....

  • Gregory is Executive of the Year

  • Gregory is Named VP for Corporate Partnerships Of Lighthouse's New Initiative. ...

  • Gregory is the New Head of the US Conference of Catholic Bishops

  • Gregory is dejected as he watches his side lose 2-1 to Rotherham United

  • Gregory is set to win the battle for Lennon

  • Gregory Is Here

  • Gregory is wrong

Interesting huh? I like the last two! hehe.... and the fact I'm battling for a dead beatle...

I then thought I'd try my unusual last name...

  • Wild-Smith is busy putting together information and activities to share with all those who attend...

  • Wild-Smith is an expert mixture of comedy, romance, and sentiment. Delightful ...

Theres another person with Wild-Smith as their name! *gasps* Seriously... I've never ever seen it with the same spelling and structure!
nice huh?

************** END OF Google Frollics **************


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13th Oct, 2002 12:11 (UTC)

You can't play that game with my first name or with my screen name. My last name is uneventful as well.

Hmmm... oh well.

Oh, you certainly are top ten. ;)
13th Oct, 2002 13:31 (UTC)
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