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Spend last night at the ex-girlfriends.

On the couch I may add... credit me with some morals.

I got a phone call from her in the afternoon, she was very ill and couldn't get home from where she was (about 5 miles away from her home, about 30 from mine). She doesn't drink much and had drunk a lot the night before.. was very unwell.. plus she hadn't eaten in 24 hours. Silly girl.

Anyhow, after finally going through all the options (no money for Taxi, she'd tried the bus and practically spewed all over it and fainted), I agreed to pick her up. This I did.

We had a long talk after I'd got her home, and bought her something to eat (cheap(ish) thai food - yummy and good for you).

You see we SUCKED as a couple, just didn't work, There was no spark, no nothing. EXCEPT... we are really good friends, and still are, and thats good. The only problem is there is a big physical attraction between us. This is a bad thing. Complicates things and not only do I not want to get hurt, I don't want to hurt her and ruin our friendship.

Anyhow, we talked about it. Its been left unsaid far too long and it needed to happen. We've agreed that we're good friends, and are going to keep it like that. We've just got to try to get by the physical stuff. I think we'll make it.

I hope so, hopefully we'll get by it. Maybne we need to not have contact for ages, or maybe we just need to see each other less sporadically. I don't know. What I do know is that I don't want a relationship with her.. and that says enough I think.

*sighs in a hopeful way*


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13th Oct, 2002 07:36 (UTC)
I have been trough that type pf relationship before. Exactly like that. We just agreed to be friends. And got extemely jealous of each other when we dated opposite people. In the end it came to his family moving suddenly while I was out of town. We kept in touch for a few years but somehow lost each other. He was my best friend. We faught continuously when we were "together" but as just friends we were perfect together. Stange isn't. I wish I could give you some advise. Those relationships are so hard to deal with. I still miss him everyday.
13th Oct, 2002 08:31 (UTC)
Yeah.. I hope it won't get in the way....

It does atm.. and that's bad. But we KNOW it does.. so thats a good thing right?
13th Oct, 2002 09:00 (UTC)
13th Oct, 2002 09:20 (UTC)
atm = At The Moment
13th Oct, 2002 10:13 (UTC)
oh, yeah. ok makes more sense. Yes, is very hard to deal with and I wish youboth much luck.
13th Oct, 2002 07:54 (UTC)
You sound so sensible about it. I know too many people who would simply not care about the consequences of this type of thing and end up hurting everyone involved. I wish you the best with this.

It may be hard to get from across an ocean but you have my support.

13th Oct, 2002 08:32 (UTC)
*hugs* got it :)
13th Oct, 2002 07:57 (UTC)
I congratulate you on your morals. You are sweet : )

I hope you two will always be friends, for a good friendship is so very special. May you both treasure what you have, always.
13th Oct, 2002 08:34 (UTC)
I hope we will... atm I don't know.
13th Oct, 2002 08:49 (UTC)
one thing I don't quite get...
You are great friends AND there is a strong physical attraction going on between youse...
So, why are there no "sparks"?

What are you looking for in a relationship?
13th Oct, 2002 08:58 (UTC)
Re: one thing I don't quite get...
its like.. you can be friends right? And you can want to have sex with someone right?

ok check.. got them two.

However they tend to get in the way... especially as when you've been "together" you just got on each others nerves...

Like I said, great friends, but together.. we suck.

As for "sparks"... I've had this with other girls, but they've not been interested (much to my disapointment at the time).
Its when you talk to someone, look at them, listen to them.. and something in your brain just clicks.

Perhaps its exaggerating, but time stands still when you're with them.

I don't get that with my ex. Not even slightly.
13th Oct, 2002 09:09 (UTC)
Re: one thing I don't quite get...
Its when you talk to someone, look at them, listen to them.. and something in your brain just clicks

Hmmn. I'm with you. It's crystal clear. And I love that feeling too, when time stands still : )
13th Oct, 2002 12:19 (UTC)
Re: one thing I don't quite get...
I know exactly what you mean about sparks.

And it may be exaggerating but I have felt it too. Time does stop, for you.

You definitely should get sparks. You deserve sparks. :)
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