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Found this burried in his website :)

"Saw "The Bourne Identity" last night. If for no other reason, see it to
watch Matty beat the living shit out of people. He comes off very
Batman (comics Batman, not movie Batman).

Also saw "The Sum of All Fears" last week, in which Ben makes it
very clear he's a bona fide movie star now. So weird to watch the flick
(which I really dug) and think "This motherfucker used to sleep on my
couch." I mean, it'd be like as if Harrison Ford used to sleep on my
couch. Or Clooney. Or Pitt. Or all three of them together, fucking on
my couch. And I was always like "Harrison! George! Brad! Stop
getting cum all over my couch!" And they were like "We can't help it,
man! We loves to fuck man-pussy!"

Alright, it's not like that at all. But you get the picture."



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12th Oct, 2002 07:52 (UTC)
OH! The mental images that are now seared into my brain!


That is pretty darn funny.
13th Oct, 2002 05:38 (UTC)
hehe.. isn't it? I practical choked on my drink when I read it.

Kevin Smith is so cool :)
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