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I have had FAR too little sleep. Silly Greg. Got to get my body clock around the right way.
Spent the night far too awake and talking to shineyquarter and metaline.

I finally got to sleep far gone 4am, to rise at 9am... well.. I exagerate to say rise. Crawl perhaps.

Dragged myself downstairs (goaded by my Dad, need. to. move. out. - any roomie offers? I'm willing to relocate!), had breakfast, and then.. through a daze.. noticed I had a big padded envelope addressed to me.

Oooh post! I rarely get cool post, and packages rock.. I looked on the label to see who it might be from.. and OMG.

My Dad: "yeah.. what a name.. Jay and Silent Bill"
Me: "er.. Bob dad.. Bob."

My package from Jay and Silent Bobs Secret Stash! Wheeee!

I opened up the padded envelope to find...

*Drum roll*

another envelope... a UPS one.. ok.. umm never got one of these before so um.. oh yeah they have a tear strip don't they?
Rip it open to find....

*another drum roll*

TWO MORE smaller envelopes with "View Askiew Productions" emblasoned on them with the logo..
Exciting no?

Anyhow, after carefully opening the envelopes I found the two sets of film frames I ordered!

Chasing Amy and Clerks.. both with signed by Kevin Smith certificates of authenticity! About 6 frames of each!

The Chasing Amy scene is the hockey scene where Holden fumbles through the whole "finger cuffs" thing with Alyssa. So both Ben Affleck and Joey Lorrel-Adams are in the frames.. cool!

The Clerks scene is where Jay and Silent Bob are first in the Quick-Stop with Dante.. so all three of them (Kevin Smith, Jason Mewes, and Brian O'Halloran) are in the frames! YAY!

I'm so stoked about this.. I didn't even know I'd get signed and scribbled on certificates.. I thought I'd be getting a bit of printed paper with them. I'll try and scan the frames and stuff for you guys.


Needless to say this has enlivened a very dull, cold, rainy, and quiet (no-one wants to come to the online center in the cold rain) morning!

*does the happy dance*


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12th Oct, 2002 05:21 (UTC)
drooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool. I am happy you got your stash. I am also very jealous! THPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP!!!!
13th Oct, 2002 05:41 (UTC)
hehe... order some Keving goodness for yourself! ;)
13th Oct, 2002 06:22 (UTC)
I will AFTER I am done xmas shopping. I stil have my hubby and kid to buy stuff for. I have only gotten Josh 2 things and Paul...well, nothing yet.
12th Oct, 2002 07:22 (UTC)
Don't you be messin' wif my woman's name

Joey LAUREN Adams

*hug hug hug*
That shit's soooo cool. I just have a b/w poster
13th Oct, 2002 05:50 (UTC)
hmm what do I have now... umm

- A signed copy of the Clerks And Chasing Amy scripts (including the original intended ending of Clerks that wasn't filmed, and a short Bluntman and Chronic comic)
- A signed Dogma poster (the Jay and Silent Bob "prophets" poster.. not the normal one)
- Signed Clerks film frames
- Signed Chasing Amy film frames.

They don't do Mallrats frames (boo) else I'd have them, they DO do J&SB Strike Back ones... but I can't be bothered with that right now.

I don't have a DVD player, but I AM tempted by the autographed DVD's of Clerks, Mallrats, and Chasing Amy... ah well.. I could spend LOADS there ;)

And sorry for the misspell.. I knew I'd got something wrong about her name. She rawks though doesn't she? *big hug*
12th Oct, 2002 07:49 (UTC)
Woo HOO! That is very nifty cool. You have to share.

*dances with you*

Thanks for the mention dear. *giggles*

Sorry we kept you up. We are bad girls.

12th Oct, 2002 08:22 (UTC)
Bad girls, indeed!

But who's complaining?

12th Oct, 2002 10:16 (UTC)
I suppose I should have gotten your permission before labeling you a bad girl as well. Glad you don't seem to mind. :)
12th Oct, 2002 12:17 (UTC)
No, not at all!

We bad girls have to stick together!
13th Oct, 2002 05:42 (UTC)
*thinks about replying*

*realises that the bad girls are having fun*

*sits back and is entertained*

12th Oct, 2002 12:46 (UTC)




You lucky man.

Lucky for talking to those beautiful ladies for so long... AND for the package!
13th Oct, 2002 05:46 (UTC)
hey you ;)

I was sooo impressed with the turnaround on them though. The postage was more than they were each though..I found that funny.

The next time I splurge cash at the Alter Of Kevin I think I'll do a big package.. better for postage.
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