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OMG OMG OMG OMG kaleidoscopes has got me hooked into an 80's vibe... I'm playing 80's CD's and thinking about 80's cartoons. Sadly I've found the best site for 80's stuff (www.80scartoons.net) has gone down *Horror*

Yes I am now without my 80's cartoon fix! *weeps*

*sighs a big sigh*

in other news... I was taking a look on the net for "the competition" that is.. other venues websites on the net that are local.

The Hermit's website is pretty awful, but I wondered at the quality of our competition...

The Army And Navy, Chelmsford
The Pink Toothbrush, Raileigh
The Twist, Colchester
The Square, Harlow.

now... the pink toothbrush is the best of these sites.. and well... frankly. I thought the hermit website was bad, but its ON PAR with these guys.

*flexes his fingers*

Project Number 2 I think.. I could out do these guys IN MY SLEEP.

I mean... honestly.. what do you think of them?


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9th Oct, 2002 11:00 (UTC)
WOO HOO!! My 80's obsession has rubbed off on someone!!!!!!! YAY!!!!

9th Oct, 2002 11:31 (UTC)
hahaha.. oh no.. I've always had this.. just talk to some of the Eve regulars :)

You just re-awakened THE BEAST! hahaha
9th Oct, 2002 11:35 (UTC)
80's cartoons rocked! *dances eighties style*

And now I become professional web designer. ICK! Those sites are horrible and yes the Pink Toothbrush site is the best of them.
9th Oct, 2002 11:37 (UTC)
And even that one isn't particularly good! Its slow and only the menu page looks pretty... even that doesn't have any real functionality..

horrid horrid horrid....

but anyway...

*does the Flashdance* What a feelin'.....
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