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I'm sick! Godamnit!

This morning I couldn't even open my eyes without a headache splitting me in to, and don't even mention my stomach...

Called in work to tell them... and found out that everyone else is ill too! But all with different illnesses...


Anyhow.. feeling a lot better now, if still ill, but lots better. I'll be in work tomorow I imagine.
A wierd sidenote - I'm trying to send an e-mail atm, but it has to get my e-mail first - and someone must have sent me the LARGEST e-mail I've enver seen... its been going for about 25 mins now, no sign of it letting up, and its one msg!

again... Bizzare!

So my darlin' icelandic beauty will have to wait for The Uber Mail Of Death to complete before she gets her icons ;)

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