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Ok.. theres a guy (Soulfish) who's lending me free server space for The Vala-Nex Webby. Yay him.. thanks. However now its not up! arghhh... and he's offline DOUBLE Arrrrghhh!

I know I shouldn't really complain as I'm not paying for it, but its agrivating... and if I can't rely on it now, what about when the site goes live?.... :(


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8th Oct, 2002 01:52 (UTC)
Knowing Soulfish, it'll be another month till you get any progress ;P
8th Oct, 2002 11:10 (UTC)
nah... sorted now. He was away, and forgot to pay! hehe...

8th Oct, 2002 11:03 (UTC)
i'm sorry i didn't pick up the phone...i figured it wasn't you cos i expected you to call earlier than that. :/ i'm sorry.
8th Oct, 2002 11:20 (UTC)
thats ok hon. I was at work until then (sadly - late night). No need to apologise.

I could call today? up to you hon.
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