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Make it hard for me. Royal flush. Insomnia for dummies. More perfect abundant ideas, slight danger. Sperm count like one sexy bitch! It hardly seems worth it. Mustang Sally just like me, they long to be. Get off ubiquitous bar code content with my bottle gin and tonic. True appreciation for other people all-day dining. I wish i was a turkey, had half impaired the nameless grace polish sausage. Say, "Bitch Be Cool!" Uncomfortable cramps, nascent stages. Ashamed of his own naivite, came on her face, sorry about that. Hardly can think. Orange juice from concentrate. Preventive measures, articulated racial epithets, not slurs. History of the universe/expensive clothes - phrase it differently. Girls just want to have fun, my sad heart leaves you to your rest. If you win brown pants shit head sour milk. Unplanned vacation, obsessed with control, icon of a generation. Sales department geared for a certain thing banked on it, nothing more than honey pot toke the croupier. You gotta mention the vermouth smoking a Marlboro Light. Act Now.


I particularly liked "Unplanned vacation, obsessed with control, icon of a generation." thats a song lyric right there...

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