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Auntumn Chills....

ahh... hmm its cold.

Its that annoying autumn cold too.. the one that, while not THAT cold, seems to seep into you really quickly and chill every part of you to fridge temperature.


So I sit here at the Uk-Online center "working"... why I get up at 8am on a saturday is beyond me. Anyhow, was working at the club last night.. one cock up after another. First my manager hadn't given me the ticket master copy to create new ones.. "I'll sort it" he says... roll on band night, any tickets? no.. shocker.

Then a few band members didn't get in till gone 9pm.. the first band was suposed to start at 8:45pm. Great. One line of peeved young teenagers for me on the door. The door I wasn't told I was manning until I got there.

I love being "responsible" for events that I haven't organised... great stuff.

Anyhow.. so roll on morning and the chills.. I'm getting the sniffles as I type. Fabulous.

Working at the club for a few hours tonight, till about 9:30pm.. then might go down to see this young magician that I was talking to last night at the local Cafe Rouge. Dunno if I will... seee how I feel at the time. Can't hurt to have a (ludicriously overpriced suposedly "french") latte right?

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