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Part 4 - True Ebil!

True Ebil
Meanwhile... at their ebil lair....
I think we need some ebil training...
ok so.. what? Break out the flying monkeys?
no no no... I have the solution.. look behind you.
GAH! Richard Simmons???
ok and work those buns.. two.. three... four...
ok you sick girl... If you don't kill him... I will.
Can the Spandex King really help these two? Find Out.. soon!*flex*
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(Deleted comment)
30th Sep, 2002 16:30 (UTC)
ohhh yes!

When have you known me to run out of pointless drivel?
30th Sep, 2002 15:45 (UTC)
30th Sep, 2002 19:06 (UTC)

*runs screaming away from Richard Simmons*

Kill me now!

No really... I laugh in your general direction.
1st Oct, 2002 09:08 (UTC)
lol thanks :)

Part 5 to come.. um.. at some point.
1st Oct, 2002 12:10 (UTC)
Just love the comic generator...so much, I had to use it myself..*roflmao* Thanks for the link, and having an enjoyable journal to read through ;)
1st Oct, 2002 14:48 (UTC)
Re: *giggles*
Thank you for visiting! Pull up a chair, theres a fire roaring over there. If you can put up with the inanity and my regular camera whoreness then I'm sure you'll enjoy it :)

and part 5 soooon :)
1st Oct, 2002 23:15 (UTC)
Re: *giggles*
Ooo...fire ..Jiffy Pop popcorn, anyone? SMORES! *ahem* Hope you don't mind that I added you to my friends..I'm just dying with anticipation on what's going to happen in "True Ebil"...
2nd Oct, 2002 08:50 (UTC)
Re: *giggles*
hahaha edge of your seat entertainment huh?

I don't mind at all.. Be good to see more faces around here :)
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