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Well yesterday was just jam packed with funky goodness.

Knew it was going to be a long day... got up for "work" (volunteer) in the morning after staying around a friends..

Breakfast - One Banana and a Polo Mint. A wierd tasting yet quite yummy combination of flavours that.

Overall the moring was easy, and so what the afternoon. Nohting hard, just lots of it. Then came the evening.. and...

The 10th Brentwood Blues Festival!

Yup. Good things if you like Rhythm and Blues, or just blues. The Hermit is actaully one of the best palces in the country for Jazz, and one of the most well respected, outside of London, for blues (I found out).

Headlining that night were The Blockheads with special guests - Wilko Johnson and Phil Jupitus.
None of those websites list us on their gigs bastards!(rather annoying - I shall correct the Wilko one at least).

I have to say that the gig was one of the most fun I've been too. GREAT stuff. Eventually though the fun had to end and hen it did we found out that the sheer success of the night (its the whole weekend, fri sat and today) was such that the bar takings had beaten their previous weekly record in that ONE NIGHT!

Yes! David Zelly the theatre manager was so happy at this he cracked open a bottle of champers! heh

Anyhow.. evntually got home to find Duel on TV.. you know that film where the guy is chased by the truck? I love that movie! Add to that - I also received hlaf the answers back form Robin @ Warhammer Online to the interview... its a pretty damn good night!

To all of you I say this:

Hit me with your rhythm stick.
Hit me! Hit me!
Das ist gut! C'est fantastique!
Hit me! hit me! hit me!
Hit me with your rhythm stick.
It's nice to be a lunatic.
Hit me! Hit me! Hit me!

Hit me! Hit me! Hit me!


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29th Sep, 2002 11:35 (UTC)
glad you're sounding so happy! :D
29th Sep, 2002 13:36 (UTC)
yup! was good fun :D

Your photos were fab btw m'dear. Loved some of the later ones!
29th Sep, 2002 15:29 (UTC)
To all of you I say this:

Hit me with your rhythm stick.
Hit me! Hit me!

*Hits you*
29th Sep, 2002 15:31 (UTC)
*Hits you a few more times for good measure*
29th Sep, 2002 15:32 (UTC)
Oh dear, I think I killed it. More pasties for the 6 billion people in the world then ;P
29th Sep, 2002 18:06 (UTC)
*rises, dracula like from the floor*

right then...

*rolls up sleaves and kung-fu's your ass*
29th Sep, 2002 19:32 (UTC)

just thought I'd add you - you replied to my journal, hehe.
I'd actually looked at your journal before (i have a look at local people's journals somtimes), so recognised you when you commented.

I think I was going through an anti social time when i looked tho, or I would have added you!

30th Sep, 2002 05:40 (UTC)
hey there! :)

Glad you've resurfaced ;)

Anti-social time huh? *nods* we all go through that now and again...

hows you?
29th Sep, 2002 22:25 (UTC)
Yay for the blues festival.

I say yay for stuff a lot.

Boo that I have seen you online for a bit. Oh well. Glad you had a good weekend and stuff.

30th Sep, 2002 05:42 (UTC)
haven't I assume that is? ;)

yay for stuff too! YAY! :)

See you soon I hope :)
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