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Sorted out the "international option" on my 'T-mobile' mobile (cell phone for you US peeps).

This means I can now call the US and Canada for 10p an minute! yay! cheap as chips!
Thats um.... 16 cents or so a minute (I think).. not bad eh?

So that means I'll be able to call some of you! yay!

Anyone else fancy giving me their number? I'll call you when I can (or if I can afford it.. I bet I still end up running a huge bill)

Poll #60711 I just called... to say.... er.. hello?

What is you phone number? (include country code and if its a mobile pls.. thnx)

In other news I got a postcard from RinnyWee today.. I like getting postcards! (letters are better though). She's having a whale of a time in the South of France... though I think she gets back today as some point. Still.. yay!

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