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Yup end of the weekend. Work tomorrow.


Don't feel like I've had much of a weekend, but I guess work will take my mind off things.

I'm computerising the whole booking process using an ASP based database thang.. if that means anything to anyone. I know using the word thang can cause problems...

If it was up to me I'd close the place for a week, sort everything out, then start from scratch. Can't do that though.It'll be ok.. just more work this way.

Add to this Nick's website needs finishing... I should have never said I'd use flash, it hates me I swear. Other webby's too.

I'm not getting paid for all the webby's either...


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15th Sep, 2002 19:10 (UTC)
i know what you mean. every weekend is far too short...but going back is sort of a relief, cos my mind and me have too much time alone in some ways, over the weekend. at least my work keeps my mind busy.
have a good week.
15th Sep, 2002 19:25 (UTC)
Hope I do.. its not so much short weekend.. as its been a unable to relax weekend..

with whats been going on and all.. *sigh*

Work will take my mind off everything I guess.
16th Sep, 2002 11:11 (UTC)
I have similar problems with outside web work.

BTW, I am a friend of cmpriest. I added you to my friends list.

Hope you have a good week.
16th Sep, 2002 15:48 (UTC)
added you back :)
You do web work huh? Proffessionally?
16th Sep, 2002 17:00 (UTC)
Well it all depends on what you mean by proffessional. I work at the university I graduated from doing their website. Also I have done a couple of sites for money but I just did exactly what the client wanted so they look bad in my design opinion.

I am really a print designer who has been thrown into the whole web thing.
16th Sep, 2002 18:07 (UTC)
ahh.. wel to be honest that can't hurt. Too many bad designs out there.
16th Sep, 2002 18:19 (UTC)
Yes I think there about a billion bad ones to every good one. I think I am a good designer, but I can always use work to get better.
16th Sep, 2002 18:44 (UTC)
*nods* practice is key really. Also challenges...

like working within clients ideas... but so as to actaulyl pull something NICE out of the shite they seem to want.

If I had a pound for every time I'd had this conversation..
"We want a web page"
ok.. so what do you want it for?
"we feel we need one."
yes.. ok.. but what do you want it to do?
"be our online web page."
ok.. um.. and DO WHAT?
"be.. our... web.. page.."
right.. excuse me while I get a rifle...
16th Sep, 2002 18:47 (UTC)
yeah I tried to work with this one client but they would not be convinced...

this conversation has happened to me as well.

Do you have AIM?
16th Sep, 2002 19:01 (UTC)
sort of.. I use trillian for it.
I have ICQ and MSN that I'm always on if I'm online. Sometimes trillian bugs out on me.
16th Sep, 2002 19:11 (UTC)
I have trillian on my windows machine. I am on my mac laptop now though. Only have AIM and MSN.
17th Sep, 2002 06:12 (UTC)
well on MSN I'm down as DarkCryst666@hotmail.com (even though the address doesn't work.. go figure)
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