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I don't know what I'm feeling right now.

I have this tendency to not deal with stuff and walk away. Sometimes of cource this is a good thing. Sometimes...

I don't know.

I think that's what's getting to me.


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15th Sep, 2002 13:58 (UTC)
it can only seem like a good thing at first, trust me. It will catch up with you, all of builds up inside until you finally explode in tears or rage or some other way... but usually not positively.

rather than not dealing, I just opt for not caring. It all rolls off my back and through me, I don't let it affect me so I have nothing to deal with...
15th Sep, 2002 14:12 (UTC)
I do both.
Usually not caring... as often I have no reason to.

But you can't not care all the time.
15th Sep, 2002 17:07 (UTC)

15th Sep, 2002 17:18 (UTC)
thanks hon
*holds on*
15th Sep, 2002 19:16 (UTC)
[nod] i'm like that too. i disconnect from myself. cut to let it out...or scratch...mostly scratch. it's easier than feeling it...feeling it is so fucking scary.
15th Sep, 2002 19:38 (UTC)
Its not scary to me.. its more I know that if I deal with it I'll go freaking ape...

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