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*beats his head against his desk*

I'd say what's bothering me.. I'd spill out why I'm hurt, raw, exasperated, depressed, and annoyed.

It wouldn't do much good and I'm not i nthe typing mood. I've never been one that's good at sharing my feelings written down. Hell even this journal is a departure form me. I've never even kept a basic diary before.

I digress.

What I really need right now is someone to talk to. But you're all far away and why on earth should you care anyway?


Just need to talk.. not type. I'm tired of typing.


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14th Sep, 2002 15:57 (UTC)
[hug] i really hope you feel better. i DO care. you can always chat with me or something. i know you dont really know me yet, but i do care and i'm here if you need someone to listen.
14th Sep, 2002 16:16 (UTC)
Thank you. I really need to talk to someone though... actually talk. Phone or face to face. Just tired of typing and I can never type what I mean and its just so frustrating...

14th Sep, 2002 16:32 (UTC)
*hug* I'd call, but for some reason, our line won't let us make overseas calls...
14th Sep, 2002 17:06 (UTC)
Should get the phone company to fix that. After all.. its their job really isn't it?

Thanks for the hug.
14th Sep, 2002 20:25 (UTC)
I wish I was there. *hugs* I wish I could always be there for you.
15th Sep, 2002 06:06 (UTC)
but you can't... I don't expect you to be either. Just wish there was someone.

gah... I'm not really rational right now.

Where have you been anyhow? busy girl?
15th Sep, 2002 10:44 (UTC)
Yup. Busy girl = me. But next week will be back to normal and I'll be not so busy. hehe. It's just been a good weekend. *hugs*
15th Sep, 2002 12:26 (UTC)
good. glad you've been good hon *hugs*
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