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I thought I'd post the survey that Kaleidoscopeskaleidoscopes posted..

fist survey I've posted on here.. feel free to abuse me :D

1)Who should play you in a movie about your life?: Brendan Fraiser
2)What do you use to wash your hair?: Mint Original Sauce... makes your head tingle.
3)Your face?: Soap.. er.. yeah.
4)Who's your favorite Golden Girl?: Who? oh them.. dunno never watched it.
5)Do you know how to play poker?: 5 card stud, but I'm a bit rusty. Strip poker anyone? ;)
6)What class did you cut the most in high school?: German maybe.. or.. um.. oh I con't remember it was too long ago!
7)Invite 3 people to dinner: From LJ? kaleidoscopes, cmpriest, riinnywee. Celebs: Angelina Jolie, Robin Williams, Nicole Kidman.
8)Favorite incense flavor: umm.. its called Dragons Blood.
9)Age you first shaved: gawd.. um 13?
10)What color nailpolish are ya wearing right now?: Um I'm not.. though I've worn black and silve before now.
11)Coolest animal you've seen up close: tie between a Jumping Tarantula leaping onto my face.. and most snakes!
12)Favorite standup comedian: Eddie Izzard - THE MAN!
14)First letter or digit of yr license plate: K
15)Describe your dream wedding: Beauty and romance..
16)First store you run to at the mall: the gadget shop...
17)Ever been to a strip club?: NO, but my ex-girlfriend started working at one after we broke up.
18)Do you wear a watch?: not as a rule, but I do have one.
19)Do you know how to tie a tie?: in three knots no less
20)Ever see a UFO?: Yes. Twice
21)Cooking fiasco: I love to cook.
22)Thoughts on Eminem: Funny as hell and people take him far too seriously. Plus he's quite good, but the lad has issues he needs to sort out.
23)Do you own any diamonds?: nop
24)What do you carry with you at all times?: Mobile phone, wallet, keys
25)Ever smoke a cigar?: ick.. nope
26)Do you snore?: If I'm on my back then yes.. else.. no.
27)Talk in your sleep?: VERY rarely.
28)Gum- fruity or minty?: Minty... few few nice fruit ones
29)How do you drive?: Confidantly, but I suck at parking.
30)Can you drive stick?: Yes.. you HAVE to in this country (crazy americans)
31)Best Elvis song: Suspcious Minds (live version)
32)What do you miss most about being little?: No responsibilities! and everything was much bigger!
33)Whom would you call to bail you out of jail?: ummm... I wouldn't get caught :)
34)Cartoon character you'd date: that green haired one form Tenchi-Moyu
35)Musical collaboration you'd most like to see: for laughs - Marylin Manson and Destinys Child
36)Are you allergic to anything?: No
37)Perfume or cologne you wear most?: whatever I have.. hugo boss is good.
38)Can you draw/sketch?: not nearly as well as I'd like.
39)Carnival food: food? then those caramelised nuts.. drink - freshly made lemonade.
40)Who did you want to be as a child?: Myself.. but bigger.


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