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I'll heal you with razor blades...

well I was feeling in a profile mood.. so I've added some interests.

I've also added onesoul to my friends list. Because she's interesting and curious. Make her welcome. :)

In the profile theme I've deleted and added a few icons. Mostly on a bjork theme... cause she's so great. There.. thats my reason... hah! ;)

Hope you like them.. and if you don't.. well um.. I don't care really I'm afraid. ;)


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5th Sep, 2002 16:30 (UTC)
onesoul is a rare treasure. I'm glad you know her ;)
5th Sep, 2002 17:04 (UTC)
her comment to my post a few back really intregued m as thats how I feel about things.

She's an intreguing treasure :)
5th Sep, 2002 18:04 (UTC)
I really like your new icons! My favorite is GET OUT OF MY HEAD ;-) I like that one a loooooooooooooooot!!
5th Sep, 2002 18:32 (UTC)
hehe.. thanks hon.

I LOVE bjork. I think she's sooo pretty and incredibly talented. I'd have a couple more but LJ has a 40k limit on icons and its hard to get a nice animated video gif under 40k.. 50-60k.. fine 40? noooo
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