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Two posts in one year?

So a lot's been going on... I'm thinking about retreating back to LJ a bit. Facebook is just... well it's facebook. This is a different space.

Thoughts? Worth it?


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1st Nov, 2011 18:27 (UTC)
Doooo it :)
1st Nov, 2011 21:59 (UTC)
'tis tempting
1st Nov, 2011 21:13 (UTC)
Definitely worth it! This is a much better forum to type out your thoughts/feelings/rants/etc. than anywhere else I've found has been.
1st Nov, 2011 21:56 (UTC)
That was what I was thinking...
1st Nov, 2011 21:44 (UTC)
You! What are you doing here?! ;)
1st Nov, 2011 21:54 (UTC)
2nd Nov, 2011 03:17 (UTC)
Yeah, I've been thinking about the same.. even posted a couple of times.
2nd Nov, 2011 04:28 (UTC)
I've been regularly using both for a long time now and I definitely don't think one can replace the other. I love the feeling of actual community and closeness I get with LJ. For me facebook is much more superficial, but it offers me a place to very easily keep track of and keep in touch with friends back home or wherever they may be. I'll still read your posts here if you post. :)
17th Apr, 2018 17:36 (UTC)
So it's been a while ...
.... I *did* get a ping that it's your bday, so - HAPPY BDAY! :-D
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