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This is what I do all day...

On the Vampire Wars team at Zynga we have a dev chat wndow open on skype all day - a big group chat basically.

Yeah... this is a moment from that ;)

Monil Gandhi: Someone...anyone...please please for god's sake...give me some work
Irvin Szeto: clean my house

Monil Gandhi: okay...i rephrase it...give me some developers work :)
Gregory Wild-Smith: program my house to clean itself

Monil Gandh
i: well...i would do that for my house first
Gregory Wild-Smith: monil.cleanHouse(_FAST_)
Gregory Wild-Smith: monil.emptyTrash(_NOSPILLS_)

Scott Stokes: Why would you even have other flags for that function?
Scott Stokes: emptyTrash(_COFFE_GROUNDS_EVERYWHERE_)

Gregory Wild-Smith: monil.emptyTrash(_RECYCLE_)
Gregory Wild-Smith: that's why

Monil Gandhi: someday this will be true

Gregory Wild-Smith: someday you'll have a programmable interface Monil?
Gregory Wild-Smith: Oh man... you'll be screwed
Gregory Wild-Smith: monil.makeMeASandwich()

Monil Gandhi: u ll will be so used to robots that u will not be able to live widout them
Monil Gandhi: and then i ll take over the world :P
Gregory Wild-Smith: monil.giveControlOfWorldTo($user['gregoryws'])
Gregory Wild-Smith: BOOM! 

I suppose it's total geek humor, but I found it fun. Amazingly we DO actually get a lot of work done. ;) 


3rd Nov, 2009 08:46 (UTC)
Okay, crawling out from under the rock I've been living under for what seems like forever (we call it "working for a startup, have no life" as you well know)...

a) monil.makeMeASandwich() actually made me snork out loud and scare the dog. This is only amusing because it's nearly 2 a.m. and you'd think the dog would know by now that evil laughter is more of a muhuhahah! variety

b) you work at Zynga now? I'm supposed to know that, right? (No, I've been living under a rock, in startupland, as I said...)
3rd Nov, 2009 20:59 (UTC)
heh, yes I do know that well ;)

I am indeed at Zynga - working on their Vampire Wars game. It's a lot of fun :D