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This is what I do all day...

On the Vampire Wars team at Zynga we have a dev chat wndow open on skype all day - a big group chat basically.

Yeah... this is a moment from that ;)

Monil Gandhi: Someone...anyone...please please for god's sake...give me some work
Irvin Szeto: clean my house

Monil Gandhi: okay...i rephrase it...give me some developers work :)
Gregory Wild-Smith: program my house to clean itself

Monil Gandh
i: well...i would do that for my house first
Gregory Wild-Smith: monil.cleanHouse(_FAST_)
Gregory Wild-Smith: monil.emptyTrash(_NOSPILLS_)

Scott Stokes: Why would you even have other flags for that function?
Scott Stokes: emptyTrash(_COFFE_GROUNDS_EVERYWHERE_)

Gregory Wild-Smith: monil.emptyTrash(_RECYCLE_)
Gregory Wild-Smith: that's why

Monil Gandhi: someday this will be true

Gregory Wild-Smith: someday you'll have a programmable interface Monil?
Gregory Wild-Smith: Oh man... you'll be screwed
Gregory Wild-Smith: monil.makeMeASandwich()

Monil Gandhi: u ll will be so used to robots that u will not be able to live widout them
Monil Gandhi: and then i ll take over the world :P
Gregory Wild-Smith: monil.giveControlOfWorldTo($user['gregoryws'])
Gregory Wild-Smith: BOOM! 

I suppose it's total geek humor, but I found it fun. Amazingly we DO actually get a lot of work done. ;) 


3rd Nov, 2009 00:29 (UTC)
I guess I'm more of a geek than I thought, 'cuz I found the humor in that. lol :-)

Also, are you doing NaNoWriMo this year?
3rd Nov, 2009 00:39 (UTC)
Why not? I fail at it EVERY year ;)
3rd Nov, 2009 01:01 (UTC)
Haha...yeah, I failed at it last year and I'm probly gonna fail at it again this year, but at least it gets me motivated to write!

Also, if you are gonna use the same account as last year, then we are already linked up on the WriMo site as buddies. :-)