DarkCryst (darkcryst) wrote,


16:06 @phoopee3 iPhone meetup?

16:42 the iran stuff is nuts - there are even dedicated dis-information Twitter accounts ( like @FreeMediaNews ) which are fulll of crap!

16:55 @Cowkitty where do you normally tweet from?

17:29 I'm watching Radar Live - www.justin.tv/radarlive - and if you have any interest in modern mobile photo-sharing.. .you should too

23:46 phone triplets! radar.net/c/f1u3

11:14 installed iPhone OS 3.0 - works nicely. C&P is probably the friendliest way of doing it I've experienced. Nice.

11:44 @fngkestrel yes. That's exactly what I think, and always have. C&P on most phones sucks.

12:00 *sigh* looks like a bunch of apps aren't showing up on my iPhone after the update. Time to reboot...

12:00 wait... no... they are just sent 3 screens to the left. Odd...

12:41 copy & paste - nicer than on the Treo for sure! radar.net/c/f2b6

13:08 @wilw think that will make the final cut? ;)

...because posting full entries is hard

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