DarkCryst (darkcryst) wrote,


15:08 @grahamux it didn't at the time, most things on there didn't.

18:21 I FINALLY saw Frank Chu in the flesh radar.net/c/eG5J

18:50 the dinnering hour, before the show radar.net/c/eG7E

19:00 Mmmm Buffalo Stew sandwich... radar.net/c/eG81

21:19 Drums of Death RULES as support radar.net/c/eGdf

22:17 Drums of Death may be my new favourite artist. WOW.

23:52 Peaches: Fashion Forward radar.net/c/eGjh

00:03 Peaches rocking the stage radar.net/c/eGk9

01:56 glad to be home, but what a great show. Peaches was great & Drums of Death was possibly even better.

02:00 I got Peaches crotch IN MY FACE; stage dived by her; hi5'd Drums of Death, & spent an hour with 2 girls boobs pressed on me. A good night.

...because posting full entries is hard

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