DarkCryst (darkcryst) wrote,


14:08 I'm loving Aardvark ( vark.com/s/kT9o ) - it's like a cross between IM, a Social Network, and the Oracle of knowledge. thanks @jmk

14:18 @radarnet @poisson - that's a really cool video tour. Do I see a K2E in the office?

14:35 @fngkestrel not even google talk? If you have a gmail you have google talk

15:04 one of my main problems when estimating how long it will take to do something is that I assume other people do things in a sane manner...

16:32 @FlawedMaddy - that is a) adorable and b) awesome! love it!

16:46 Just secured a safe house in Berlin, Germany. #spymaster bit.ly/playspy

17:08 random IE6 bug I just encountered - rendering an image element as a span. What. The. Hell? Sadly we HAVE TO support IE6 *sigh*

17:32 @LindseyA_ It looks great, but I hope there is more DLC for L4D before then, it needs it

17:48 @jmk the state of US rail transport is shocking.

17:51 fantastic Wired article about a master lock-picker - bit.ly/keymaster this is what makes Wired.com great.

23:08 writing a book proposal. Any tips?

23:21 I just reached level 5. #spymaster bit.ly/playspy

23:55 I just wounded @adamwohl in an assassination attempt. #spymaster bit.ly/playspy

00:31 @AuthorTech what are your tips for writing a non-fiction book proposal?

...because posting full entries is hard

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