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One day I will meet Adam Savage...

... and I will thank him specifically for rthis clip of MythBusters. Jesus its great.


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27th May, 2009 22:47 (UTC)
Heh. My wife has seen Tori on the street near where she works in the Mission 3 or 4 times now.
27th May, 2009 23:31 (UTC)
I think he actually lives in the mission, or maybe I just heard that...
27th May, 2009 23:32 (UTC)
Well, she's seen him when she goes to work at 4AM, so if he doesn't, he roams by night...
27th May, 2009 23:33 (UTC)
Owch.. 4am? thats an early start.

Then again... maybe he has an early start too. M5 isn't that far away from the mission...
27th May, 2009 23:37 (UTC)
Baker's hours.

For some reason, I always thought they were in South City. But, now that I google them, they're right off Cesar Chavez at Missouri. I've driven right by them and not even known it!
27th May, 2009 23:11 (UTC)
Thank you... I so needed that right at this moment!! :)

And I adore Adam Savage - he's the reason I know how to chill a can of soda quickly & effectively... which I wish I'd known the whole time I was growing up.
When you meet him? Thank him for me too!
27th May, 2009 23:31 (UTC)
Adam & Jamie make such a great team. Perfect counter-balances to each other.

But god... that low voice part just floored me.
27th May, 2009 23:13 (UTC)
I met him totally randomly a year or two back. He's super friendly (and exactly how he seems on the tv show!)

27th May, 2009 23:30 (UTC)
Neat :) I figure its likely to happen at some point.. I mean they live and work in the bay area. They certainly hang out a lot at places I know.

*shrugs* The fact that they are around here just makes me happy. He and the whole crew just seem to have a lot of fun doing what they do.
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