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I'd also like to welcome the cool and funky litlaskvis, and the crazy elf lover sexiedemon to my friends list.. glad to know you both :)


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28th Aug, 2002 12:43 (UTC)
thanks for the welcome :o)
28th Aug, 2002 13:46 (UTC)
glad to ;) hope you enjoy your stay :D
(Deleted comment)
28th Aug, 2002 15:54 (UTC)
ok a crazy legolas lover :)

Wicken btw.. not wiccan, subtle but important difference :)

ones a place the other is a religieon ;)

oh as as for photo's here's a cleaned up version of your icon (if html works)

<IMG SRC="http://www.wildones.demon.co.uk/misc/chicka.jpg>
(Deleted comment)
28th Aug, 2002 18:16 (UTC)
Re: oops
well I pretty much fidled the contrast to make it a bit more.. tonal.

As for photography. .hmm, well the trick is lighting and cropping :)

A good camera helps, certainly one that you like useing and is easy to use.
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