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14:21 watching First Blood. It reminds me how good an actor Stallone really is. The last few minutes are gut-renchingly well performed.

14:22 @miloh hell yes! Can't wait to see that movie - Sam Rami back doing horror - what's not to like? :)

14:47 Miriam & I are totally doing a Labyrinth party on June 27th - it's 23rd birthday! :) Who's up for that?

17:51 @chiah the scary movie with muppets :) I havea giant projection screen/theatre in my apartment complex so we'd show it on there.

22:28 Happy Birthday Miriam!! radar.net/c/eguv

13:23 taking Miriam out for a birthday bruch at Cockadoodle Cafe

13:54 The Birthday Girl radar.net/c/ehtT

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