DarkCryst (darkcryst) wrote,


14:43 @adamostrow gmail is working for me. Maybe your cluster is borked, but its working here

14:53 @adamostrow I'm running into issues now. Looks like they are slowly moving across servers

14:56 @flawedartist - better off linking to the Slashgear post, ( here: http://➡.ws/햎 ) I'm sure an new Phone will show up at some point.

15:04 is seriously loving Blip.fm. This site is so added to my short list of "always open" sites

15:12 I'm having a 90's breakdown over on BlipFM atm - one top track from each year. MC Hammer just one - EMF next. Sweeeeet...

16:03 I really hate the flash plugin - a crashier buggier piece of crap I can't think of right now. How did something this awful ever get released

17:23 @flawedartist boo.. I don't shoot film. I don't see the need. No love for the digital crowd :(

17:44 @flawedartist thats neat - but they recommend Yank Sing! I mean, I work NEXT DOOR, but it's really not THAT good.

18:02 my host (Westhost) just upgraded my disk space and bandwidth... by a LOT. I now have a terabyte of bandwidth - holy cow

18:07 @flawedartist nice - it's not that far from my fav Dim Sum place - bit.ly/7Vuvt

19:42 finally heading home

...because posting full entries is hard

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