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Techno techno techno techno!

I found this tape in a box of old crap that I didn't know I still had.. and its been glued into my car stereo since...

Energy Rush Presents - Dance Hits 93
look ma no leet z's.. a more innocent time.

Side One
Oh Carolina - Shaggy
No Limit - 2 Unlimited
Exterminate - Snap
Open Your Mind - Usura
Show Me Love - Robin S
The Bottle - The Christians
The Love I Lost - West End feat. Sybil
Broken English - Sunscreen
Took My Love - Bizzare Inc feat. Angie Brown
Phoever People - The Shamen

Side Two
I Believe In You - Our Tribe
I Lift My Cup - Gloworm
Give It To You - Martha Wash
Just Can't Help Me - 2 Examples
I Want Your Love - Sister Sledge
I Wanna Stay With You - Undercover
New Emotion - Time Frequency
Alleluja - Rave Inspiration
Drop The Bass - EQ
Revival - Martine Girault

booyeah... back with the retro style.


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28th Aug, 2002 12:17 (UTC)
oooh! just reading the track list made me nostalgic!!!
*sings from the top of her lungs*
no no limit, bla bla bla bla sky, no walley too deep, no mountain too high!!
hahahha, gotta love it :D
28th Aug, 2002 13:45 (UTC)
totally...! atm I'm addicted to Open Your Mind, it hasn't dated much and is still bouncingly brilliant.

The whole total recall quote is fun too :D
28th Aug, 2002 14:19 (UTC)
well off course Open Your Mind is a total classic! great tape and probably perfect for driving :o)
28th Aug, 2002 14:31 (UTC)
yes very much so... even if I do sort of headbang to it! hehe...

that and sing at the top of my lungs!
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