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16:49 I'm loving the game Vikings, Pirates, Ninjas. Really nicely done RPG style webgame. check it out - tr.im/kMOL

18:11 Just took my 117th mugshot! www.dailymugshot.com/main/show/2363

19:13 new fav iPhone game - Strategery (yes, I spelt that right)

11:12 geekgasm: this - tr.im/kR3U plus this - tr.im/kR42 wireless video and wifi in your pocket? That's pretty sweet.

11:19 @cmpriest - that's a) awesome b) hilarious c) OMGWTFBQQ <3

14:03 probably one of the most inspired flash things I've played wiht - it's like a poem cross with a game - tr.im/kS0i

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