DarkCryst (darkcryst) wrote,


20:46 at Everett & Jones - yum

20:48 @fngkestrel @flawedartist it's got a 7.1 at IMDB. Critics hate it, people like it

21:09 @fngkestrel I find both make good guides. With RT I find it pays to dig a bit more as to the *why*

21:10 @leahculver Penn & Teller rule. Agree on slots - mugs game

08:25 just ran into my old upstairs neighbour - she has a hi5 acct!

09:33 swearing at code that is 10 times for complex than it needs to be & seems to have 4 *nearly* identical copies all of which aren't documented

09:34 @FlawedMaddy - never said Wolverine was fantastic, just a solid example of what it was. It's at least better that X3, and compares to X2 ok.

12:56 my sister is on Twitter! *waves @RomanyChopping *

13:28 @mc_lars - is it still weird to see your stuff in mainstream stores? Or have you passed that point in dealing with fame yet?

...because posting full entries is hard

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