DarkCryst (darkcryst) wrote,


15:06 just ran into The One & Only Scott Rossi outside my office. Random!

16:52 just found out he's a victim of identity theft - oooo you bastards. Time to call Citibank (at least they noticed)

16:52 @chiah - have you been to the Lucasfilm place at the Presidio?

17:14 in other news - Citibank rules and just reversed a nearly $800 fraudulent charge, instantly. Sadly though it means I have no debit card now

17:21 now filling out and fax in the debit dispute form for the other (v.small) charges. I WILL FONG YOU THIEVES.

17:22 I will fong you until your insides are out, your outsides are in, your entrails will become your extrails I will... Pain, lots of pain.

17:41 Just took my 108th mugshot! www.dailymugshot.com/main/show/2363

17:50 @chiah - never trust urban dictionary. Seriously.

17:51 just discovered that the Movie Studios don't do tours on weekends. Bummer.

17:51 @AlamedaTom don't worry about it - I'm just a down-in-the-dumps around my b'day.

17:58 will be seeing B.B. King in 2hrs!

19:47 oh yeah - about to see a legend - radar.net/see/3378882

19:47 oh yeah - about to see a legend - radar.net/see/3378884

20:01 oh yeah - about to see a legend! - radar.net/see/3378955

20:27 watching Louis Nelson in support. He's good in an odd rock-blues-bongos kinda way

21:51 one hell of a setup inside the Fox - radar.net/see/3379495

00:01 just picked up a CD from Lukas Nelson (Willie Nelson's son) The Promise of The Real - he signed it after the show. Killer.

00:03 @chiah - for Americanisms I just use google and asking people as a solution ;) works better. Anyhow - swag isn't an americanism.

00:12 got an impressive card for my birthday! - radar.net/see/3380383

07:03 urgh... I'm awake... next stop... Disneyland!!

09:28 sitting in SFO waiting to fly to LA on @VirginAmerica - first time! I'm a Virgin virgin! (domestic)

09:29 whoops @VirginAmerica your computers are down in SFO! - radar.net/see/3383387

09:50 Virgin America is plush! - radar.net/see/3383505

09:51 holy crap there are a LOT of teenagers on this flight

11:18 wow - touched down half an hour early! Props @VirginAmerica

11:19 at 30,000 ft and playing DOOM!! - radar.net/see/3384030

11:19 California from the air is beautiful - radar.net/see/3384033

12:06 in line for rental car. Argh concrete and queue hell!

12:27 if you squint... you can see the Hollywood sign - radar.net/see/3384438

...because posting full entries is hard

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