DarkCryst (darkcryst) wrote,


15:54 I'd love to buy the MacHeist bundle... but I already own World Of Goo, and the rest of the apps are "meh" at best. I remain unconvinced.

17:49 @brianshaler - I'll be in Disneyland on April 17th (my birthday) feel free to come along then ;)

19:37 wishes he had someone to model for him - wants to get his photographer thing on

21:32 seeing Monsters vs Aliens 3D - love this theatre - radar.net/see/3227378

00:25 @wilw - I need to get Cherie to take me on that when I go up there. I hear she does a better job of showing off Seattle than a tour guide!

13:45 @wilw - are you in awe of is awesomeness?

13:45 @poisson - he's got a point, sort of.

13:46 I have much love for Java, but some of the worst WHY GOD WHY???? moments of my front-end life are looking at JS/JSP code by Java programmers

...because posting full entries is hard

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