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14:03 just found out the reason BART was screwed earlier was because of the *earthquake* that I totally failed to feel. 4.4 nr San Jose apparently

18:07 Just took my 103rd mugshot! www.dailymugshot.com/main/show/2363

18:21 @brax4444 it looks like they stopped them because of it, not that it shut them down. A safety thing.

18:23 @AlamedaTom the IR photos are in daylight - it works better, shorter exposures. However now I think I'll try low light... can't be too low.

18:28 loving DestroyTwitter & DestroyFlickr - 2 great ways to use services I already use. They just improve on the experience. is.gd/knaj

18:35 watching @brianshaler on superwickedawesome.com nice streaming show from in the mission.

11:36 in a state of shock...

11:37 @wilw - oh no, you're a convert to The Church of Steve The Fruitbat? What hath @cheriepriest wraught??

12:41 @VirginAmerica wish you guys flew to St Louis! I'd be booking with you for my next holiday. Any news about new destinations from SF?

12:42 @MCHammer good thought . I friend of mine is going through that right now. Hard work, but worth it.

12:43 open to learning more about The Church of Steve The Fruitbat. Tell me, what are his ways? ;)

13:27 Just took my 104th mugshot! www.dailymugshot.com/main/show/2363

...because posting full entries is hard