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23:24 found an awesome new bluegrass duo... and it's weird that one of them was in Sabrina the Teenage Witch... www.cduckandnate.com/

23:29 if you like bluegrass folk - highly recomended - radar.net/see/2918213

...because posting full entries is hard


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16th Mar, 2009 21:29 (UTC)
I remember that guy from Sabrina! He used to be really cute, but I don't think he's aged all that well...although he's only 31 according to imdb. Oh well, I guess if he music is good, it doesn't really matter how he's aged, huh?
20th Mar, 2009 21:40 (UTC)
Well he could do with losing 10 pounds, but other than that it seems pretty standard. I mean he's not been on TV for about 6 years, so he aged a bit.

He's just not in the same shape I guess.
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