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3 Letters, starts with W, ends in F.

"There have been initiatives that have taken away rights from minorities by majority vote" and have been upheld by the courts, said Chief Justice Ronald George. "Isn't that the system we have to live with?" - from SF Gate.

I don't know Ronald, is it? Because as a Chief Justice you have the power to shape that system. How about you do your fucking job and make a decision based on that?

Just because something has happened in the past isn't the reason to keep doing it. We'd still be burning old ladies at the stake if that was the case. Precedent is a fine thing but all it does is provide a context and advisory to current rulings. No more, no less.

Since the US began minorities have always, always, had their rights be decided by courts. That is where it starts. Legal challenges to other peoples bigotry that push through the notion that people have certain unalienable Rights and that is the cornerstone, the foundation of equality, freedom, and justice.

There are two things that make me unhappy to live in CA. The fact that it still has a death penalty, and Prop 8. Prop 8 shows a vile, bigoted, ignorant, and un-American way of thinking that disgraces all who live here. It spits upon what the very act of being married means to me - and tarnishes my own marriage by associating it with bigotry and hatred. Marriage certificates have become a representation of something that marks straight people apart from gay people; a symbol that has become supported by intolerance, hate, and fear.

I'm really fucking angry right now and disgusted, almost as much as I was when the fucking vile bill was passed.

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