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17:35 how to make your iPhone faster and apps crash less - radar.net/see/2634566

09:36 Rain makes everything more dramatic - radar.net/see/2636156

09:58 Delays suck. (it's never this busy here) - radar.net/see/2636194

10:37 Just took my 86th mugshot! www.dailymugshot.com/main/show/2363

12:02 Meet the new President - radar.net/see/2636515

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24th Jan, 2009 01:37 (UTC)
a lot of iPhone apps are CRAP at freeing memory.

So things like image manipulation will crap out and crash (exit and return you to the home screen), this is also why Safari will crash out too if loading lots of images or pages.

So the app frees memory that can be freed.

Simple really. The iPhone really needs more RAM. Even another 32mb would be better.
24th Jan, 2009 01:39 (UTC)
I didn't know this app existed. I've tried killing PIDs from a command line but it won't give me a runlevel access high enough to kill the important stuff.

I already bought this app and am tentatively pumped about it.
24th Jan, 2009 01:41 (UTC)
it does it automagically... you can't kill specific PIDs (because the SDK doesn't allow that). But it works REALLY well.