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Some news about LiveJournal

It's fine. Seriously.

To paraphrase a local writer - reports of its death have been greatly exaggerated.

Anyone that thinks LJ is going anywhere a) doesn't pay attention to the IT market nowadays and b) clearly doesn't know much about how LJ is structured.

LJ is fine. I work a few blocks from them and they are fine. They were overstaffed there anyhow (sad, but true). Working at a web company I have some contact with people in many similar situations

All startup sized IT companies are having issues right now. Several companies larger than LJ have laid off people. Yahoo, Flickr, etc. Other startups too, even ones that are doing well (like Zivity). It's belt tightening time for a lot of companies around here.

That said - backup never hurts. I used LJArchive, because having a searchable database of my journal is awesome, and I wouldn't have known about it if this whole fuss hadn't started. Shame it's windows only, but then I have a Vista VM on my Mac, so that's a start!


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9th Jan, 2009 01:58 (UTC)
I'm glad that someone is writing soemthing based on fact, here ... I honestly didn't know what to think (except maybe ZOMG MY PERM ACCT!!11!!1!?!!"D:)

As a precaution (and something that I should've been doing long ago!) I am researching as to what the best client for me would be. This is the second mention of LJArchive, but I'm curious as to how the downloaded entries would appear, as the clients I researched on the FAQ site made it sound like it would not appear as a properly-typed entry, or am I grasping that wrong (something like a spreadsheet type thingie ??? :-/) So yeah, something in English would be preferrable!

May I have permission to put up a link to this entry, for those contemplating grabbing their puters n lappys n taking the long hop off a short intrawebz? :D

EDIT: LJNews had posted an entry right after yours, so I linked to that instead. Still, thank you for putting this up!

Edited at 2009-01-09 02:19 (UTC)
9th Jan, 2009 02:21 (UTC)
Re: YAY!!?!
Permissing freely granted.

LJArchive downloads all your entries into one file that is a searchable database that you can view with LJArchive (and looks like a LJ with a kinda ugly theme).

It also backs up comments too, which is neat.

You can then export entries (or the whole journal) to various other formats.

It is however windows only right now.
9th Jan, 2009 03:02 (UTC)
It does comments ??!?
Now *that's* what I wanted to hear! The other clients I found didn't support that. As I am using Vista *shudder*, that's perfect.

As far as the look of the backups go, I don't care if it is an uglyass theme, as long as it appears (more or less) as a proper entry. I just couldn't fathom trying to view the entry as a spreadsheet (???)

Thank you, again!:D
9th Jan, 2009 03:55 (UTC)
Re: It does comments ??!?
If you find a problem backing up where it says you need to change the "Auto-convert older entries from" setting to something this is where it's now hidden:


Western European(Windows) is probably your best bet.
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