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14:34 Dryad of Spring - radar.net/see/2509567

20:15 being serenaded by the traditional Oakland sound of police helicopters...

20:16 Photoshop FAIL - radar.net/see/2512106

20:16 this sign is freaking me out man! - radar.net/see/2512111

21:38 Oakland is on FIRE. Riots in the street. Holy fuck.

22:04 just got a signed CD in the mail! Sweet! - radar.net/see/2512860

23:07 a buch of riot-rejects just trashed the Resturant across the way and the Fox Theate. Holy shit

10:31 there were so many cops. - radar.net/see/2517998

11:38 there were so many cops. - radar.net/see/2518505

11:48 A City Divided - radar.net/see/2518583

...because posting full entries is hard


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8th Jan, 2009 23:06 (UTC)
Christ on a cracker!
Here's hoping you n my other Oakland LJ friends are safe!
8th Jan, 2009 23:36 (UTC)
Re: Christ on a cracker!
Unless they were involved in it, they should be fine. Though if they lived near 14th they might have their cars smashed...
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