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Step one - Get (another) Guitar

Ok… so I used to play the guitar. I asked my parents years ago (when I was 13) to help me learn the guitar (by which I meant electric – I wanted to rock out). They got me a Spanish classical acoustic guitar… and lessons in that. Not exactly what I wanted, but… I appreciated it, Sort of anyhow.

The non-rockstar aspect of Spanish Classical though is possibly why – though my teacher was good, and my parents meant well – even though I played guitar for nearly 8 years.. I sucked, and was never motivated to learn. Which is obviously why I sucked

Now… I can do this myself. I no longer have my old red Epiphone Gibson SG (that my parents eventually bought for me), but I just bought my first guitar (first that I paid for anyhow).

Now I have a Peavey Raptor EXP – which you can see in the picture. A lovely, fender style, 3 colour “tobacco” sunburst guitar with a whammy bar and a nice 2 single coil + one humbucker pickup combination.

It’s purdy.

This plus the software I have on my laptop – means I have a nearly unlimited number of amp/stomp pedal sound combinations. This is cool.

The next task is actually learning to play. We’ll see how that goes – but I’m motivated.

I actually put this revived interest down to Rock Band. I love that game, and it’s not supposed to be “real” just fun, but it reminds me what I could (and should) be able to do with a real guitar.

Time to be a rock star…


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7th Dec, 2008 02:29 (UTC)
i need to do the same thing with my violin except that i only had ukulele and guitar training (not very good training in public school) and what instinct/observation tells me to do makes it a long and tedious project where i do feel i learn a little bit more on my own from dinking around without any instruction, but it's very very slow going. i hope the guitar stuff goes much faster for you!
7th Dec, 2008 02:34 (UTC)
I can only hope!
We'll see.
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