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I'm looking to make a bag.

Specifically a copy of the runners bag from Mirror's Edge (as it's awesome). The pre-order cheapo copy of one isn't really a good copy.

I plan to make it out of yellow neoprene... but other than that I'm lost.

Anyone have any suggestions?


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2nd Dec, 2008 04:05 (UTC)
It depends really, do you intend on having a liner? if so did you want it attached or a seperate piece? there's a million other questions I could ask regarding it. I'm sewn a lot of bags message me with some specifics if you have some
2nd Dec, 2008 20:31 (UTC)
A liner? yes, specifially a padded one so I can have part of the bags inside as a pocket to slot in my macbook.

The bag is basically the same(ish) look as the crappy one that came with the preorder of the game:

However, I'm looking to make something a little better than that (that has a more solid shape, though flexible, and is padded to start with).

Like I said - the exterior I think will work best as yellow (and black) neoprene. The interior... no idea.
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