DarkCryst (darkcryst) wrote,

Tweets for Today

  • 01:03 @al_gore - welcome to Twitter, it's a wierd place. Enjoy #
  • 02:45 aaasrggghhh they're playing Santa Baby in the store I'm in.. nooooo #
  • 07:01 is disappointed that Heroes seems to be going very downhill in writing. Really predictable. Sad. #
  • 16:55 Boil dammit! - radar.net/see/2234421 #
  • 18:21 November in Califonia - radar.net/see/2234651 #
  • 20:02 Just took my 37th mugshot! www.dailymugshot.com/main/show/2363 #
  • 21:06 Sylvio is cooking up a storm at Tiny - radar.net/see/2235167 #
  • 22:09 Elegantly coding under the influence - radar.net/see/2235319 #
  • 23:23 is wrestling with build issues while he tried to refactor our JS libraries to remove the dependency on prototype. #
...because posting full entries is hard

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