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Tweets for Today

  • 02:56 stressed out. Pool. Needed. #
  • 03:30 is feeling better after a swim, but man my anxiety levels are through the roof recently #
  • 07:55 is working & packing... mostly working tho. Leaving for the UK in less than 24hrs! #
  • 18:50 has found out that most travel insurance doesn't cover enough for a laptop or decent camera. Pointless. Anyone have any suggestions??? #
  • 20:05 Just took my 28th mugshot! www.dailymugshot.com/main/show/2363 #
  • 20:37 has managed to pack enough to live for two weeks into a small bag and my carry-on. Just barely, but YAW! #
  • 22:35 is at the airport, looking for Sees Candy #
  • 23:35 will be in the UK in about 9-10 hours. Everyone send me your numbers! #
...because posting full entries is hard